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ARBITASH is a project of two cool guys from Kiev, Serge (dj Droom) and Pasha (dj Paul Fox). Each individually in the topic of DJing is already more than 15 years, but only in 2019 they decide to do a dj project together. First track was released with name «No time to sleep».

Guys are definitely on the same wavelength. Both are convinced that being a DJ is a vocation, and for both, making music is a favorite hobby. They are good not only in creating mixes, but they write original tracks as well. Their project has 3 unique explosive tracks that already been released: «No time to sleep», «Say» and the «Night» track, on which the Ukrainian version of «Nich» was released. Each of their work does not just sound, but breathes in a special way. Turns on in a special way. In a special way it turns off the brain and turns on the body. So — we can safely say that the guys definitely found their own style, which not only went to the masses, but became close to many listeners.

The modern audience is well versed in quality music, so the guys from the start set themselves high standards. And they definitely succeed, because their tracks are already spinning in rotation on Ukrainian and foreign radio stations. Although the ARBITASH project was founded not so long ago, guys have very ambitious plans for the near future — to make popular the Ukrainian project outside the country and release an album. There is everything for this: creativity, ability to pump the crowd, passion for beat and rhythm, cool vocalist Daniil, who took part in the Ukrainian TV show “Voice of the Country”. The guys are not only passionate about their work, but also charge the listeners with positive and drive with their work. The best feedback and motivation for them is the enthusiasm of music lovers.

If you need a cool program for the air show or an energetic set for parties — this is it!


I hit things! That’s what I do. I guess it makes me one of the most laid-back people I know. I suggest you try it…hitting drums, that is! When you see me on stage with a smile on my face, it’s because I LOVE what I do

Paul Fox

When I was a kid, I had a room that was next to my bedroom at my parent’s house. It was my world and secret passageway into music and all things creative and awesome. The walls were filled with photos of my favorite bands, musicians, and skateboarders that had been ripped out of magazines.

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